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New Pages, New Art, and New Stories

New Pages, New Art, and New Stories published on

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of act one, which means one thing…

Officially announcing act 2!

We have solidified the arc for act 2, and have started penciling the first 10 pages. This arc will introduce some new characters, further explore Purgatory with Winifred, give a better look into the contracts, and shed some light into Ella’s role in all this.

So what can you expect coming up?

Well, at time of writing, the comic has another 6 pages in this act. So it’ll keep updating biweekly (Heh, Bi. Ironic. BIRONIC) for the next 2 months. Once those pages are up, you’ll start to see more design pages go live (Those pages remain uncensored, so 18+ only, please) and maybe even a few more OOC Omake pages too (Will also remain uncensored, you dirty birds). Who even knows! I sure don’t.

So let’s talk about some questions that’ll be answered! Spoilers! Hella – Act 2 will feature:

Bang: Who is she, and why does Winifred and Ella dislike her?
Tarot: Who are they, and why do they know so much about Ella’s contracts and Diamonds?
Jack: What are the Diamonds, and what other groups have influence in this world of the supernatural?

Stay tuned for more news and updates! Also, Check out our patreon!


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